Stimulus Shenanigans

Note the following from Marc Ambinder’s account of the meeting between President Obama and the House GOP over the stimulus package:

The President admitted that all of the spending [for the stimulus] can’t be done in two or three years.

So, the President is finally admitting that the government won’t be able to spend all of the stimulus money during the period the recession is likely to last.

We now see–in the event that we did not see earlier–that the effort to pass a stimulus package has significantly less to do with jump-starting the economy and more to do with implementing a massive public works bill that has been at the top of the Democratic Party’s wish list. The recession is just an excuse for this public works package. Recall, of course, that contra Naomi Klein, the real “Shock Doctrine” has been pursued not by Milton Friedman, but by his ideological opponents, who are more than willing to cynically use an economic crisis to advance their ideological agenda. This is just the latest evidence of the attempt to advance the Democratic Shock Doctrine to burden the country with a stimulus package that we do not need, do not want, will do nothing for our economy and will only serve to wreck whatever remains of our fiscal health.

This is the behavior and activity that the Democrats have denounced and claimed to abhor for the past eight years. This is the behavior and activity that they promised to change and bring to an end.

Yeah right. Tell me another one.