So Much For Decrying Partisanship

The Economist notices the hypocrisy of Krugman & Co. After eight years of denouncing the “bitterness” and “polarization” and “divisiveness” that supposedly came down the pipeline from 1600 Penn. Ave., Krugman & Co. now want more of it.

The Internet has a long memory and eventually, the electoral worm will turn. When it does, Krugman’s words may well be remembered by those who currently “huff and puff.” Of course, one naturally expects that by then, Krugman will rediscover the sweet, sweet joys of bipartisanship and decry as “bitter,” “polarizing” and “divisive” the Republicans who would act the way he is encouraging the Obama Administration to act now.

I suppose that this kind of hypocrisy must really be blatant if the mainstream media has picked up on it so quickly and is so eager to denounce it. The hypocrites in question are really pieces of work, aren’t they? One almost thinks that they believe Google does not exist and some form of mass contagion has wiped out the memory of just about every person in the country.