Is The Honeymoon With The Press Over?

Maybe not yet. But the fact that things are somewhat fractious between the White House and the White house Press Corps can’t help the Obama Administration’s efforts to keep the media satiated and at bay. Eventually, one can expect that if they remain unhappy, the members of the White House Press Corps, will tell enough unflattering stories about the way they are treated to their colleagues in other segments of the press corps. Given the tribal sensibilities of the press corps in general, it may not take long before the press to turn completely against the new Administration.

To be sure, the new Administration will likely find its sea legs to some extent and become more fleet of foot in dealing with the media. It can’t be denied that these early days are somewhat disorienting. But having written that, it’s increasingly becoming clear that those in the media who waxed ecstatic about the rise of the new Administration to power are now casting a critical eye towards it.

The Obama Administration’s political operations team is now under the spotlight. We’ll see if they are any better at responding to the challenges before them–and the atmospherics attendant to those challenges–than they have been.

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