And This Is What We Will Have To Put Up With For The Next Four Years (At Least)

By now, everyone knows about the flubbed Oath of Office. The President initially jumped in and cut off the Chief Justice while the latter was administering the oath, and then the Chief garbled the oath only moments later. This post pretty much captures the clumsy verbal pas de deux. It’s not the world’s biggest deal, the oath was taken, Barack Obama has been President since noon, January 20th and there has been no Constitutional crisis. Just to make sure that things were on the safe side, the Chief came to the White House and administered the oath again.

But of course, this entire episode had to serve as an excuse for various people to lose their ever-loving minds. As Beldar writes, Craig Crawford has actually decided to egregiously beclown himself and call for the Chief’s impeachment and removal from office for merely stumbling over his words. The mind reels. And while E.J. Dionne valiantly refrains from calling for impeachment, he does snarkily tell us that perhaps the Chief is not a “strict constructionist.”

That two prominent media and opinion personalities decided to put their names to this kind of talk should, quite frankly, embarrass them. The mere stumbling over a few words does not and should not subject the Chief Justice to serious calls for his removal from office or to the substance-free sarcasm of a partisan hack for the Washington Post. And yet, we actually have to read and listen to this kind of nonsense. Pray tell: Did a typo on any of E.J. Dionne’s writing drafts cause people to doubt his status as a journalist? Did a flubbed word during any of Craig Crawford’s TV appearances cause people to call for his firing from whatever TV stations employ him or call on his services?

No? Then why must we be plagued with Dionne’s and Crawford’s drivel?

As if the situation could not get more absurd, Vice President Joe Biden, with his characteristic display of foot-in-mouth syndrome, decided to take a shot at the Chief–yet another manifestation of the Vice President’s intellectual insecurity and his commensurate compulsion to make up for that insecurity by trying to tell anyone and everyone who will listen how smart he is–even the claim of intelligence must come at the expense of another and even if the claim is laughable.

Need we remind the Vice President of the United States that Chief Justice John Roberts is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, while Joe Biden is . . . well . . . this?

Background here.

Maybe it is time for the Vice President to recall that silence is golden, no?