What Do I Pledge?

I pledge to remember that these same celebrities were nowhere near as civic-minded and as respectful to the Office of the Presidency and its occupant over the past eight years as they are now.

I pledge to remember that goofy and ill-informed comments to the contrary notwithstanding, we are not the President’s servants. Quite the contrary. The President, the Congress, the courts, the bureaucracy work for us.

Relatedly, I pledge to remember that the Imperial Presidency was bad and “King George” was something to fear during the Bush Administration. But the very same people who demagogued this issue for the past eight years are now telling us that “King Barack” is the cat’s meow and that we ought to be of service to him. I pledge to call these people on their blatant and shameless hypocrisy.

I pledge to remember that celebrities are not the people to go to for intelligent thought.

I pledge to remember that none of these people will do a single thing to follow through on their pledges; the poor little darlings would not be able to bear crimping their lifestyles as much as they pledge to.

I pledge to be a patriot no matter who is in the White House, the nauseating, selective, self-centered sunshine patriotism of movie stars notwithstanding.

I pledge to make it clear that these celebrities don’t inspire me. At best, they make me laugh. At worst, they appall me. Do they think we don’t remember what they were like before they started winning elections? Do they think we don’t know what they will be like once they start losing again?