What Happens When The Incoming Treasury Secretary Can't Do His Own Taxes?

As indicated here, I think that the country has bigger fish to fry than the the state of Tim Geithner’s tax returns. But perhaps in writing what I wrote, I was a little quick to dismiss the magnitude of the situation. To be sure, this is an argument for tax simplification and to be sure, if Tim Geithner was a Republican-leaning plumber voter, he would be castigated for having failed to pay far less in taxes. And as for the mistake itself–tax simplification or no–it was quite a doozy. Quite a doozy. Have I mentioned how much of a doozy this mistake was?

Because Geithner is so smart, so humble, so entirely in tune with the wonderfulness of the President-elect and because he is “too big to fail,” (there’s some tough-minded journalism for you), I doubt that this will amount to anything at the end of the day. But my first reaction to the contrary notwithstanding, perhaps it ought to.