A New Favorite Blog With A Particularly Valuable Blog Post

Shadow Government is a new Foreign Policy group blog that will provide alternatives to many elements of the Obamaian foreign policy vision. A good resource for Republicans and others standing in general, loyal opposition to the incoming Administration who want to work to formulate a foreign policy platform that can, if necessary, take on the incoming Administration on a number of issues.

This post, written by Philip Zelikow, is worthy of your attention and focuses on the unpopular, but too-often ignored question of what the Bush Administration got right on foreign policy. It does a great job in debunking various myths concerning the doctrine of preemption. I would excerpt, but this is one of those just-go-read-the-whole-thing posts. So, um, just go and do that.

And bring up Zelikow’s post and the information contained therein the next time someone tries to feed you the party line on preemption.