My Faith In The Republic Is Strengthened

To wit:

Caroline Kennedy’s second act as a Senate hopeful didn’t get much better reviews from New York’s press than her first.

A New York Daily News columnist said “the wheels of the bandwagon are coming off.” New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker already put her on his list of 2008 losers. And The New York Times said “she seemed less like a candidate than an idea of one: eloquent but vague, largely undefined and seemingly determined to remain that way.”

Last Friday after weeks of silence, Kennedy agreed to sit down for interviews with The Associated Press and New York City cable TV’s NY1. Over the weekend, she scheduled another round of interviews with other news organizations from The New York Times to the Buffalo News. The New York Daily News noted she frequently used the phrase “you know” and “ums” during the interview, which was skewered in political blogs Monday.

“There has been some very rough comments,” said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College poll, following the series of interviews she provided over the weekend. “I have been surprised,” he said. “The welcome mat has not been out from everybody.”