So, To Sum Up . . .

According to Andrew Sullivan, Barack Obama’s Big Government tendencies and programs can be blamed on . . . George W. Bush’s penchant for Big Government.

Yup. That’s what he’s saying. Of course, it is fatuous nonsense; the Big Government tendencies of the Bush Administration do not necessitate those of the incoming Obama Administration. And Barack Obama was for Big Government long before George W. Bush took his place in the national consciousness. But far be it from Sullivan to be logical or to find any fault in Obama as not stemming first from Bush. Eventually, Sullivan will sour on Obama–as he does on all of his political heroes. But until then, he will make excuses for the President-elect and “Bush Made Me Do It!” is about as unimaginative an excuse as one can find.

Which is why it is the perfect excuse for Sullivan, of course. No deep thinking required to dig this excuse up and trudge it around the tracks.