The New Swiftboating

Jon Henke reports on it. I suppose that we won’t be seeing “Dissent Is The Highest Form Of Patriotism” stickers anymore.

Honestly, can the hypocrisy of Granholm, Dingell and others be any more appalling? As the so-called “Dean of the House,” Dingell has championed a failed auto industry for the whole of his nearly five decades on Capitol Hill. Every time the domestic automobile manufacturers have asked him to jump, his only questions were “how high?” and “how often.” In return for this fawning obsequiousness, when it came to improving their own industry, the automobile manufacturers did–wait for it!–nothing. And then there’s Jennifer Granholm, the most overrated governor in the whole of the Union, a governor whose “leadership” has only served to run the state of Michigan down without any respite whatsoever for the poor citizenry of the Wolverine State who deserve far better and who instead, get a governor who sinks to their expectations without fail.

Neither Dingell nor Granholm could be any more destructive in their positions of public responsibility if they actually tried. They have the reverse-Midas touch, their actions are replete with truly staggering quantities of incompetence. And they have the nerve to question the patriotism of those who rightfully wonder why an industry that has suffered at its own hands and has received no long-term advantages whatsoever at the hands of Dingell and Granholm should now be bailed out by the American taxpayer?

Give me a break. The only thing that Dingell, Granholm and their various enablers–many of whom are called out by name in Henke’s post–have done successfully is employ their GPS systems to locate the last refuge of a scoundrel. They are holed up in that refuge as I write this.