Ed Morrissey: Right On Target

See here. One needn’t think that the Obama campaign has done anything wrong to agree with Morrissey’s contention that (a) of course the Obama campaign has had contact with Governor Blagojevich about a candidate who should be selected to fill the Senate seat, (b) “contact” does not necessarily mean “acquiescence to extortion,” and (c) there really isn’t any reason for Rahm Emanuel to be quiet about the issue of whether he helped the feds get Blagojevich.

I will, for the moment, assume that this is merely a poor attempt at controlling a news cycle. But Team Obama had better get in charge of the news cycle and end whatever doubts there are concerning its dealings with Blagojevich. Unfortunately for the President-elect and his transition team, they have now foreclosed any possibility that they merely had an innocuous meeting with Blagojevich. Now, any revelation of a meeting will effectively serve as proof that Team Obama was lying about its dealings with the Governor of Illinois.

And Ed Morrissey may well have provided that proof.