So, the netroots finds out that “the new boss looks like the old boss.”

Who is actually surprised that the Left would allow itself to be taken for a ride like this? And who doesn’t believe that the Obama Administration will be audacious enough to continue to ask the netroots and the Left in general to continue giving money and manpower while frustrating the Left on policy issues and making them like it? I mean, the seeds of this betrayal were sown when Obama did things like agree with the Bush Administration on the FISA reform bill this past summer. Did the netroots and the Left believe that somehow, someway, Obama would respect them in the morning after his victory?

You know, at the current rate of disillusionment . . . well, I’m not going to come right out and say that Obama will be challenged for the Democratic Party nomination in 2012. But I am going to let the thought flicker across my mindscape.