Alive And Kicking

With the ouster of William “In His Freezer” Jefferson and the capture of another House seat in Louisiana, the Republican Party shows that it is anything but a spent force. Congratulations go out to Joseph Cao, the first Vietnamese-American to have been elected to Congress, and John Fleming, who beat Obama-backed Paul Carmouche. Jefferson’s loss is, of course, a blow against the kind of corruption that Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic leadership did rather little to counteract. But it and the Fleming victory also represent the continued GOP resurgence that we have seen in Louisiana since the election of Bobby Jindal as Governor.

This is yet more evidence as well that Barack Obama’s coattails are rather short. Obama-backers will argue, of course, that the President-elect didn’t do all that much to involve himself in these races, or, for that matter, in the runoff race for the U.S. Senate seat in Georgia that was held by an overwhelming margin by Republicans. Perhaps the President-elect might have done more, but perhaps his lack of involvement is a sign that he knows his persuasive power on the campaign trail on behalf of others is somewhat more limited than many once thought.