No. They Can't.

Okay, so it is somewhat mean to be so snarky and yes, Democrats have far more to brag about in this election cycle than do Republicans so perhaps I jumped offsides on the snark. But it remains worth noting that with Saxby Chambliss’s big win in today’s Georgia Senate runoff, Obamamania has met certain limits. While there was some concern that Chambliss was not breaking 50% in the polls and thus may have been vulnerable, the incumbent won by 20 points. I’m sure that is good for a few raised heads and cocked eyebrows in Punditland, where many of the residents seemed to think that the race would be closer.

It should be noted as well that in the battle of the surrogates, John McCain and Sarah Palin overcame Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Barack Obama–all of whom campaigned for Chambliss’s opponent, Jim Martin. With the win, Republicans will officially prevent Democrats from reaching 60 seats in the Senate. The only contest that remains is the one in Minnesota where Norm Coleman is doing well enough that Al Franken is trying to get the Senate to come and save him.

So tonight was a big win for Republicans. And a wake-up call to Democrats that there remain positions of electoral strength for Republicans. The party has been written off before and has come back to surprise. Maybe we are seeing the stirrings of a surprise gather even now.