So, Just Out Of Curiosity . . .

Does the President-elect know that when it comes to health care policy, he is in basic disagreement over a fundamental issue with his own incoming head of the National Economic Council? I can’t tell what is going on here. Is the vetting poor? Is Barack Obama backing away from his commitment to employer mandates? Or is Larry Summers being asked to swallow his pride and back the Obama position against his better judgment?

If the latter, how much do you want to bet that Team Obama is now desperately trying to make sure that Summers doesn’t find any waiting television cameras, microphones or print journalists waiting for him so that he doesn’t lose that famous temper of his and sound off like the “disgruntled senior Obama official” he will likely ask to be called in the event that a news story is written about the gulf between him and the President-elect on a key health care policy issue?