Way To Go, Andrew

Andrew Sullivan is livid. He is livid because there is a possibility–perhaps even a strong one–that John Brennan could become the new Director of Central Intelligence. Sullivan objects to this because he thinks that Brennan bought into “politicized” intelligence in the run-up to the war in Iraq and that Brennan may have been involved in war crimes. And of course, in situations like this one, it is entirely to be expected that Sullivan would lapse into pretentiousness:

The least we know is that Brennan is ambivalent about this. Ambivalence on this matter is unacceptable. We haven’t fought for decency and reform and a return to American values for so long to be turned back now. We didn’t work our butts off to elect Obama only to get Bush another four years at CIA. If Brennan emerges as the pick, those of us against the continuation of war crimes and the prosecution of war criminals will have to oppose him strenuously in the nomination process. We will, in fact, have to go to war with Obama before he even takes office.

And if Obama doubts our seriousness, I have three words for him. Yes we can.

Oh, good grief. I really haven’t done that much work into Brennan’s background and to be sure, if Brennan authorized torture, that would not sit well with me. But raise your hands if you saw it coming that Sullivan would eventually turn on the President-to-be he supported so rapturously. This should come as no surprise; Sullivan turned on Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, after all. Obama is only the latest to disappoint him.

Speaking of disappointments, Obama’s choice for Attorney General should likely strike Sullivan as objectionable too, eh?

Of course, I’d say that there is at least a 50-50 chance that Sullivan goes back to thinking that the identity of Trig Palin’s mother is the most pressing public policy issue out there. After all, it isn’t like Sullivan can keep an important thought in his head for too long.