When The Time Comes For Eric Holder's Confirmation Hearings . . .

I certainly hope that George Lardner is asked to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to give his opinion on whether Holder is qualified for the job, given his involvement in the Marc Rich pardon. In his testimony, Lardner can point out the following:

  1. Contrary to past statements, Holder was a lot more involved in the decision to pardon than he claimed to be, stating as early as 1999 that when it came to the charges against Marc Rich, “‘the equities’ were on Mr. Rich’s side” and blaming U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White for refusing to have a meeting on the issue.
  2. Holder advised Jack Quinn, the former White House Counsel for the Clinton Administration and Rich’s lawyer, to “go straight to” the White House for a pardon request, stating that “the timing is good.”
  3. The rules concerning pardon petitions state that the opinions of the U.S. Attorneys on the specific case “are given considerable weight” because of the “valuable insights” that they have. And yet, Mary Jo White was never consulted concerning the pardon of Marc Rich.
  4. When the pardon was signed, Holder contacted Quinn to tell him that Quinn had done “a very good job” on the pardon.

Remember: The appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General is supposed to be part and parcel of Change We Can Believe In.