Tom Daschle At HHS

I wrote a brief little something about the appointment of former Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle as the next Health and Human Services Secretary. But I really wish that prior to writing what I wrote, I had the chance to read this article first. Evidently, Daschle comes replete with conflicts thanks to past lobbying efforts and puts the incoming Administration–with its jeremiads against the lobbying culture fresh in the minds of voters–in an awkward spot. What exactly is going to be the use of having an HHS Secretary whose past work in the health care industry is going to cause him to recuse himself from addressing a whole host of important health care related issues?

Oh, and Tom Daschle is yet another un-fresh face with close associations with the Clintons. I keep waiting for Change I Can Believe In to kick in at some point, but thus far, that hope appears to be forlorn.