Too Funny

Andrew Sullivan quotes from General Barry McCafferty, who has just come back from Iraq and makes the following observation:

“The bottom line,” McCaffrey writes, “is a dramatic and growing momentum for economic and security stability which is unlikely to be reversible. I would not characterize the situation as fragile.”

Sullivan responds:

He was there; I’ve never been. But I wonder if he’s right. I sure hope he is.

Two points:

  1. This, of course, means that George W. Bush, David Petraeus and John McCain–all derided by Sullivan–were right about the surge and the implementation of the counterinsurgency strategy and Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Sullivan himself were wrong. I don’t wonder why Sullivan doesn’t discuss this but it is noteworthy that he doesn’t.
  2. If Sullivan “wonders” whether McCafferty is “right” and would like to find out, why doesn’t he travel to Iraq and investigate like a good journalist instead of, say, continuing to demand proof that Sarah Palin is Trig Palin’s mother?