The Vote

When you vote tomorrow, vote to affirm that the surge and the counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq worked and should not be short circuited.

Vote to remind a certain Presidential candidate that he and his surrogates can’t get away with the claim that they only intend to raise taxes on the rich.

Vote against bankrupting the coal industry.

Vote for free trade instead of voting for protectionist policies that will only serve to deepen the current economic crisis.

Vote to keep control over your own destiny instead of giving it to a bureaucrat in Washington you never met.

At the end of the day, elections are not about deciding which other person gets power. They are about deciding whether you get to keep power yourself or whether you intend to surrender it.

Surrender nothing. Nothing. Between the two major party Presidential candidates, there is only one who believes that you ought to have more power than a Nanny State government.

His name is John McCain.