I didn’t catch this evening’s Obamamercial, though being a political junkie, I am sure that I will find a way to watch a replay. But the Economist saw the broadcast and came away with some choice catches in its liveblogging of the event:

8:06: “Cut taxes for those making less than $200,000”. Didn’t that used to be $250,000?

[. . .]

8:25: I like the words that keep appearing next to Mr Obama. It’s very Stephen Colbert.

8:24: Mr Obama talks about how Mark Dowd in Louisville can’t make ends meet…as Mr Dowd piles his plate full of pork.

8:21: Wow, they are really exaggerating his legislative accomplishments. Did Mr Obama really change the way Washington works in his four years in the Senate?

For this, they delayed baseball? Oh, and be sure to read that 8:06 observation a few times. Evidently, the income levels to get tax cuts keeps shifting.

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