On The Voluble Joe Biden

Evidently, he is even harder to get for a press conference these days than is Sarah Palin:

It might be surprising to some to learn that Sarah Palin is now talking to her national press corps more often than Joe Biden.

While the once silent Palin has taken questions from reporters that travel with her three times in the last week, Biden has not offered the same type of access to reporters who cover his every move on the campaign trail in almost two months.

As for comments that Biden made last weekend in Seattle about Obama facing an “international, generated crisis” in his first six months, Biden has said nothing more on the matter.

Republicans jumped at the chance to attack Biden for his words, saying it showed Barack Obama had yet to be tested with a major crisis, and the McCain campaign in particular vowed to make “a big deal” out of the remarks, which made their way to the top of the conservative leaning Drudge Report for most of Monday and, among others, have been dissected by columnist Bill Kristol and leading conservative voices.

Biden spokesperson David Wade said on Tuesday that Biden had no plans to revisit those statements. Obama, when asked today about Biden’s statement, called them “rhetorical flourishes.”

The handful of reporters from Biden’s national press corps who have followed him incessantly for two months have not had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the “crisis” matter – even to allow Biden to clarify his remarks – because he has not taken questions or held a press availability with his press corps since Sept. 7.

I would ask if any of this information would evoke the outrage of Andrew Sullivan, who has compared Palin to Vladimir Putin for not having had as many press conferences as Sullivan has wanted her to have. But I think that we all know the answer to that question. And while it is laudable that CBS has noticed Biden’s sudden reticence and how bad it makes him look, it is difficult to believe that more members of the press will call Biden on his sudden disappearing act, though on that issue, I would love to be proven wrong.