Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail

Dear Lord, we may have to put up with this for at least four years:

Accusing businesses and wealthy individuals of using “offshore tax loopholes” to hide $100 billion a year in income, Biden told the crowd Sunday, “It is unpatriotic when you earn your money in the United States of America and you hide it offshore to avoid taxes, making sure YOU have to make up the difference.”

His voice rising, the Delaware senator shouted: “It is unpatriotic to take $100 billion offshore and not pay your taxes! That is unpatriotic! So I don’t need a lecture on patriotism! I’ve had it to here!”

If Biden knew anything about tax policy in particular and economics in general, he would know that his comments constitute fatuous nonsense. But I suppose that it is now “unpatriotic” to point out these basic facts.

Interestingly enough, all of those people who decried supposed attacks on their patriotism during the course of the Bush years are now silent while Joe Biden goes about trying to prove Samuel Johnson to have been one of the smartest people to have ever walked the Earth. Expect their silence to continue.