Tell Me Again How Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist . . .

Because this story would beg to differ. Note that you are not supposed to be able to vote with a felony conviction.

Voter fraud regularly gets denied by our friends on the other side of the partisan divide. If they open their eyes, they will see that it is all around them. Of course, whenever our friends on the other side of the partisan divide actually lose elections, they are exceedingly quick to claim the existence of voter fraud–the name “Diebold” is hammered into one’s head during those occasions, the lack of evidence of any voter tampering notwithstanding.

But actual and factual stories like this one will be ignored resolutely. They shouldn’t be. If there was any justice in the world, every media establishment would be flooding into Ohio asking just what kind of shoddy oversight was allowing convicted felons to register to vote. And hey, they would be moving into Nevada too. Of course, if there was any justice in the world, media establishments wouldn’t be so completely in the tank for the Democratic Presidential nominee.

UPDATE: Convicted felons are allowed to vote in Ohio once they get out of prisons–one of 12 states, plus the District of Columbia to allow such a privilege to felons. Apologies for the error. Of course, the concerns regarding what is going on in Nevada and the fact that Ohio voters are registering without potentially getting their registration information checked remain, as do my arguments that Democrats never complain about voter fraud unless they lose–at which point, “Diebold” becomes a four letter word instead of a seven letter one.