Mea Culpa

I wrote here that the use of the word “Bosniac” or “Bosniak” was an error on the part of Senator Biden. In fact, alas, the error was mine; “Bosniak” is a term that is interchangeable with “Bosnian Muslim” although from what I have read, it can be used to encompass more than just Bosnian Muslims.

Senator Biden certainly made other gaffes during the debate; claiming that he had always supported clean coal, when in fact, he had previously said that it was the position of the Obama-Biden ticket that there should be no clean coal plants in America. And he said that the Vice President can preside over the Senate “only in a time when in fact there’s a tie vote,” when in fact, the Vice President can preside any time he wants and can only vote when there is a tie. Biden prides himself on his previous chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee so it is funny to see him get a basic civics fact so wrong.

But that doesn’t change the fact that he was right to use the term “Bosniac” or “Bosniak” and I was wrong to deride him for it. My apologies.