The Failed Bailout Bill

We have now seen that the American public and its elected Representatives in Congress are against socializing loss in the business community. Despite all of the artificial spin that this bill needed Republican votes to pass, it could have passed if a mere 10 Democrats changed their votes. Instead, nearly 100 decided to vote down the bailout.

It says something about the weakness of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker that she could not whip her members in line to support a bill that expands government and socializes a significant portion of the economy. I would have thought that this was a Democratic dream come true. And it was. And yet, Pelosi did not have the muscle to get the votes passed.

If the House leadership really wants to get this bill passed, they could steal a page from the playbook of former House Speaker Jim Wright, adjourn for the day, reconvene and call a new legislative day. Then they could try to pass the bill again and twist arms until it is done.

Dollars to donuts says, however, that this is not going to happen. Instead, House Democrats will try to blame Republicans for this bill failing when in fact, House Democrats have the majority and could pass the bill with a mere switch of 10 votes.

If House Democrats can’t govern, they should get out of the way and let House Republicans do it. Nancy Pelosi and her caucus just can’t do the job.