A Smart Take On The House Vote

From House Republican deputy whip Eric Cantor:

And I think that this is a case of a failure of Speaker Pelosi to listen not only to her members, but certainly to our members and the common bonds that brought our members together on this very, very important issue facing the american people.  This is not a partisan crisis.  This is an economic crisis facing everyone in this country.  And to look at the votes today, 94 Democrats voted no. 94.  Now, when we were in the Majority, I think we would make a decision that we would be able to come to the floor and bring a solution to the American people and pass it.  They made a decision to leave 94 of their votes off the table and, frankly, as you can see, a majority of our votes that wouldn’t go along.  Clearly this is an instance where you see Speaker Pelosi’s failure to listen, failure to lead.

Exactly right. Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic leadership misread the mood of their caucus and the mood of the House. The bill failed as a consequence. Despite the fact that Democrats are in the majority, Pelosi & Co. can’t count votes correctly and can’t run Congress at a time of crisis. That’s why the bailout plan failed.