"They Need Him/They Need Him Not/They Need Him . . ."

Prior to John McCain’s decision to suspend campaigning and go back to Washington in order to assist in brokering some sort of legislative deal to avert a financial meltdown, Democrats told anyone who would listen that unless McCain got personally involved and helped bring about Republican votes, no plan would pass:

Then, when McCain made the decision to go back to Washington, he was suddenly told that he wasn’t needed.

Well, they are back to needing McCain now:

McCain, in particular, was being leaned on by Democrats and fellow Republicans alike to deliver GOP votes, as some conservatives are in open revolt over the astonishing price tag of the proposal and the heavy hand of government that it would place on private markets. Placating them enough to bring them in line could be a tall order for the Republican presidential nominee who has a checkered relationship with the right wing of his party.

Indeed, McCain went back to Washington specifically because Secretary Paulson told Senator Lindsey Graham, a close McCain ally, that McCain was needed to pass the package. See also this.

And even Harry Reid is being fickle. Again, one might add. He is back to saying that McCain’s help is needed to pass any legislative package.

So . . . good thing that McCain went back, eh? Contrary to yesterday’s statements by Congressional Democrats, the Obama campaign and various bloggers on the other side of the partisan divide, there was quite a lot for John McCain to do in order to help pass any legislative package. We can discuss whether the final legislative product is a good one or not, of course. But McCain didn’t just go back to Washington so that he could get another look at the Lincoln Memorial. He went back to lead.

Something a President is supposed to do, by the way. And note that there has been no demand whatsoever for Barack Obama to lead on this issue. Not even by his fellow Democrats. It should tell us something.