And Now, For Your Daily Dose Of Joe Biden

Um . . . what?

At a speech to members of the National Jewish Democratic Council in Washington, D.C., Tuesday evening, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., started off his speech the way only Joe Biden can.

“1972 campaign,” Biden said, “I was a 29-year old kid nominated for president — excuse me, nominated for senator, nominated for senator, senator, from the state of Delaware.”

Next, Biden was hit by a coughing fit.

“There’s a lot to talk about and uh, excuse me,” he said, stepping away from the podium to cough. “I made the mistake of actually grabbing a handful of peanuts before I walked out here, which you should never do I know.”

“Thank you, Michael,” he said as his friend Michael Adler handed him a much-needed glass of water.

Still, the senator was not yet ready to start his stump speech for the audience, launching into a joke about Jews that he found analogous to the presidential election.

“Every year the Yeshiva crew team used to row against Harvard, and they’d get creamed every year, year in and year out, after a really tough loss, the coach of Yeshiva told his captain, he said

‘Look, I want you to go spy on Harvard and figure out what, what is it that they do? I mean, how, how can they win?’ So the captain of Yeshiva’s crew team went and hid in the bushes along the river and after a couple minutes watching he figured it out. He had a cell phone, he called his coach, he said, ‘Coach, I’ve got it, I’ve got it, coach.’ He said,'” The secret is they’ve got eight guys rowing and only one yelling.'”

The Jewish audience loved it, laughing loudly as Biden chuckled on-stage.

“Well, that could be said about us Irish as well,” said the Irish Catholic senator. “But the truth of the matter is that’s what we need to be doing this election year – we have to ignore all the malarkey, ignore all the distractions, ignore the emails, and get behind Barack Obama straight-up, folks.”

Need I mention anew that if John McCain acted this way, everyone would go on and on and on about how senile he is?

Speaking of confusion, how much sense does it make for the Vice Presidential candidate of a campaign which has refused federal funds (despite its stated promises to the contrary, mind you) to be . . . well . . . asking for federal funds to eliminate campaign debt from the Presidential primary and caucus season? As mentioned, there is nothing illegal about any of this. But it certainly does look inconsistent in the extreme.

No wonder we have this:

Still, Obama defended his pick of Biden over Hillary Clinton.

“I am a great admirer of Sen. Clinton’s,” Obama said on NBC. “Joe Biden is also an outstanding public servant, and I am very proud of the choice that I made.”

When stuff like this has to be said, it is a sign that there is no confidence whatsoever in Joe Biden at all. Which is understandable once one reads the story in question.

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