Coordination Problems In The Obama Campaign

So, let’s review the bidding:

  1. Barack Obama is going to have to scale back his domestic programs thanks to the possibility that lots of money may be spent containing and repairing the damage of the credit crisis–a crisis that was brought about thanks to government efforts, stretching back into the Clinton Administration, trying to ensure that home loans went out to people who could not pay them back. The good news in that case is that it restricts the reach of government. The bad news, as Ed Morrissey points out, is that it was clear even before the credit crisis that Barack Obama couldn’t implement his programs, thanks to the entitlement mess. Evidently, this salient point is not yet appreciated by the Obama campaign or by its candidate.
  2. Barack Obama attacks John McCain for having initially opposed the bailout and then having changed his mind. When it is pointed out to him that his own running mate, Joe Biden, did the same thing, Obama went ahead and threw Biden under the bus as well.
  3. This comes but one day after Biden threw Obama under the bus by denouncing an ad that Obama approved, making fun of John McCain’s computer skills.

I’ve heard it said that the manner in which Barack Obama runs his campaign will tell us a lot about how well he will run the country. Obama supporters had better hope that’s not the case and they had better hope that people don’t think it’s the case before they go and vote.

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