Of Silver Linings

If Man. U. really becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of the United States government (I have to think that the United States government and its various agencies do not need advertising through the uniforms of an English Premier League team–in exchange for getting ad revenues, Man. U. will have to give up control of its team, especially given certain recently established precedents), Chelsea fans like me will sleep easier at night. The free market will determine my team’s efforts at getting the English Premier League Championship, the FA Cup, the Champions League title and the Carling Cup. Meanwhile, Sir Alex and Co. can have fun trying to labor on through a season with people like Barney Frank seeking to regulate it to death–with Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke apparently being all too willing to help.

Maybe neither Frank, nor Paulson nor Bernanke are Man. U. fans. From my perspective, here’s hoping that they aren’t. I need something to cheer me up after the events of the past few weeks.