Much Like Captain Renault . . .

I am shocked–shocked–to read that Barack Obama is mischaracterizing John McCain’s viewpoint on financial regulation. I am also shocked–shocked–to read that Obama’s political allies and economic advisers were in favor of the bizarrely maligned Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the very act that the Obama campaign is so busily attacking John McCain for having supported. The blatant falsehoods contained in this line of “argument” veritably overwhelm one’s patience.

Query: Does Karen Tumulty intend to get as huffily outraged over a real falsehood as she does over what does not even amount to a tempest in a teacup–save in Tumulty’s own imagination? Because it is high time that she should. The editorial page of the Washington Post has actually found something to be genuinely outraged about. It deserves more attention from serious journalists than does Karen Tumulty’s attempts to whip up scandal where there is none.

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