Here's Your "Patience And Steel" For You

So, as I and others have noted, as part of its “get tough” campaign against the McCain campaign, the Obama campaign has released an ad mocking McCain for not using the Internet much and trying to portray him as being out of touch and old (yes, I know that the Obama campaign denies making any cracks about McCain’s age or engaging in any kind of ageism whatsoever, but that’s about as believable as a three-dollar bill). I’m sure that the Obama campaign thought that it was being clever by doing all of this, but as it turns out, the campaign was being hideously offensive, as many have noted.

Why offensive? Well, because McCain’s decision to stay away from the computer is necessitated by his war injuries.

Yes indeedy. The Obama campaign went to the Land of Let’s Mock The Veteran For Having Suffered For His Country. I hope that they get their just desserts for the journey. Of course, as I have discussed, being Internet savvy has no relation whatsoever to the duties of the President of the United States and in our fair, unbiased, totally and completely even-handed world (this is sarcasm, by the way), no one gives Bill Clinton grief for not being Internet savvy and they likely wouldn’t either if he ran for President. But it’s fine to pick on the Republican whose lack of Internet use can be and has been traced to the injuries he incurred as a POW in Vietnam and the physical limitations those injuries bring.

Thus far, there has been no comment from Andrew “Patience And Steel” Sullivan concerning these matters. Doubtless, however, he is ginning up a post designed to insinuate that McCain’s war injuries were brought about as a result of a Rovian plot that went haywire and caused Sarah Palin to fake her pregnancy.