Pardon Me For Asking This Again, But . . .


You know, it’s one thing to link to this video with an aside about how rich and varied and somewhat weird the Internet is and how it is full of strange little projects that have captured the imaginations of their creators. It is another thing altogether to introduce this video as laudatory agitprop that you think is the greatest message to have been delivered to the whole of humankind since Moses came down the mountain with tablets. “Patience, steel… triumph”? He gets this from a parody on YouTube of Les Miserables and he actually has the gall to think he’s being profound and valiant. Hugo weeps. Who writes this nonsense?

Didn’t Andrew Sullivan once have a sense of perspective? I could swear that he did. I could swear that once upon a time he had a bemused and jovial air about him–even during the most trying of times. Now, he’s insufferable. It’s always “Karl Rove this” and “Karl Rove that” and of course, there is the constant obsession about Palinian pregnancies in the background, not to mention attempts to top previous efforts at launching calumnies at John McCain. My God, reading the site has become like hearing fingernails screech on a chalkboard. Look, I’ll come out and say it plainly; McCain was never my favorite Republican candidate for President of the United States and if it were up to me, I wouldn’t have picked Palin (she has time to impress me, but there it is). If McCain wins the Presidency, I would prefer it but it’s sort of like saying that I would rather have one leg of mine amputated instead of two. The end result still kinda sucks, from my point of view. But the more Andrew Sullivan screechblogs, the more prepared I am to go put out yard signs and hand out bumper stickers on behalf of the McCain/Palin ticket, if only because a McCain victory might cause Sullivan to completely lose his marbles and run out into the streets screaming and yelling conspiracy theories and various obscenities at onlookers who would then be left wondering whether Hannibal Lecter’s cellblock had a security breach. And I promise you, my Republican credentials notwithstanding, that’s saying something. I’ve never engaged in political advocacy for the sole purpose of driving someone ’round the bend, but this year, I might make an exception.

Does the Atlantic know about this monkey-business blogging? Do they realize that they are employing a writer who has completely given up any sense of perspective and is now the Michael Phelps of the Kool-Aid swimming pool, an aspiring high priest of a cult of personality who thinks that the other side is not just wrong, but Absolute Evil Personified? I can expect the netroots to feel this way but since when did the Atlantic become the netroots? Wasn’t it supposed to be more respected than that? Aren’t people at the magazine embarrassed yet? About the only reason for Republicans to root for Sullivan to remain gainfully employed at a high-profile blogging job is that he is now doing what his hated Hillary Clinton did; he is mobilizing any Republican who comes within wordshot of him to go out and work against Andrew’s side. Yep; Sullivan is a polarizer, just like the junior Senator from New York he despises almost as much as he despises Karl Rove. Ironic, nyet?

But beyond that? Well, there’s just no value added, is there? I would encourage critics of Sullivan not to ignore him, but rather, to take him on repeatedly and strongly. A blogger with as high a profile as Sullivan’s ought not to have his words go unchallenged.

Once upon a time, however, one did not read Andrew Sullivan for opposition research. One read him because there was a literary pleasure in reading Andrew Sullivan’s site. No more. He can change his positions all he wants. But he’s just plain disagreeable and nasty nowadays, in addition to being given to hyperbole so fevered and imaginings so bizarre that his website has become Rubbernecking Central on the Internet. And I remind people anew; Sullivan used to be as gung-ho for George W. Bush as he now is for Barack Obama. He used to be gung-ho for Bill Clinton as well. He hates Bush and Clinton now and if the pattern holds, he will turn against Obama eventually.

The cranial explosions he experiences will be fun to watch, if nothing else. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bloke.