Understatement Of The Day

While it remains to be seen how long this lasts, it would appear to be safe to say that things are going well for the McCain campaign. Consider:

  1. McCain raised $5 million in 5 hours in Chicago, which we remind ourselves is the biggest city in the state that Barack Obama represents in the Senate.
  2. Remember how Barack Obama was declared by the late Tim Russert as being the inevitable Democratic nominee after he won North Carolina big over Hillary Clinton? Well, the Tarheel State now has McCain up by 20 points.
  3. Barack Obama is having trouble reaching fundraising goals.
  4. McCain has a 15 point edge among Independents.
  5. McCain maintains a 5 point lead in Gallup.

We’ll see how long the post-convention bounce lasts. But thus far, things are proceeding quite well for the campaign. If the Obama people are going to win the Presidency, they are going to have to fight for it. And increasingly, Republicans are confident that Obama will lose.