Ripe For The Converting?

It is increasingly clear that Joe Lieberman is completely on the outs with the Democrats and that even a thin margin in the Senate is not going to prevent some serious retribution from the Democrats for Lieberman’s decision to support John McCain and to speak at the Republican National Convention. Republicans see this and are preparing themselves for an opportunity to persuade Lieberman to make the switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

This can best be accomplished by promising to ensure that Lieberman maintains his seniority if he joins the Republican Caucus. If the Senate Republicans do this now, we will have a 50-50 tie in the Senate and Vice President Cheney will cast the deciding vote that will allow Republicans to organize the Senate in a manner that is more to their liking. In the event that Senate elections this year do not go as badly as Republicans fear they might, Lieberman could very well represent the difference between a Republican minority and a Republican majority in the Senate. Efforts should be made to convert him post haste.

Oh, and enough with the Lieberman hatred from the Democratic side. Democrats were more than willing to trot out Jim Jeffords as an avatar of principle when his conversion gave Democrats a majority in the Senate. And former Representative Jim Leach was wheeled out to the masses during the Democratic National Convention to show them how a Republican could vote for Barack Obama. That Leach put people to sleep instead of causing them to change their vote is a side matter–the point is that Democrats are more than willing to call people who convert to the Democratic side “principled” while calling Democrats who turn into Republicans “latter day Benedict Arnolds.” One does tire of the hypocrisy after a while.