Hypocrisy Personified

Over the past week, Andrew Sullivan has derided Sarah Palin as being obviously unprepared for the Presidency, a lightweight as a former mayor and as a current Governor of Alaska and a potential liar who supposedly is pretending to be the mother of Trig Palin, a baby with Down’s Syndrome so that she could cover up the teenage pregnancy of her daughter. When it was revealed that the same daughter is currently pregnant and that given the length of her pregnancy, it is impossible for her to have been the mother of Trig Palin, Sullivan refused to relent, continued to call for medical tests of amniotic fluid, continued to make cracks and issue insults about the supposed inability of Sarah Palin to be a good mother, her supposed “failure” in raising her daughter and her supposed inability to be Vice President with all of her attendant family drama. There is a lot more stuff than that, but you get the point.

Today, he calls the McCain campaign sexist.

Not himself. The McCain campaign.

I have to think that the Sullivan home no longer contains mirrors. I don’t know, after all, how it would be possible for Andrew to look himself into one anymore. I have my questions about Sarah Palin too. But at the very least I don’t allow myself to be so caught up in lunacy that I regularly contradict my own arguments and make myself out to be the most two-faced blogger around.