Night Is Dark, Day Is Light, Water Is Wet, Ice Is Cold, Fire Is Hot . . .

And Naomi Klein still is a fraud.

It is a shame that Cato is one of the few organizations dedicated to revealing the depths of Klein’s mendacity and lack of serious scholarship. Given how publicized her book was, everyone and his/her pet canary should be on Klein’s case so that she is laughed out of any and all respectable courts of public opinion. I am pleased that Cato is on the case regarding this issue, but Cato ought to have an army of friends and allies helping out.

Of course, if Milton Friedman were alive, he would defend himself, take Klein apart calmly and methodically and reveal her to be a fraud–all while maintaining a smile on his face. I have said it before and will say it again; it really says something about the character of Naomi Klein that she would wait for Friedman to die before deciding to try to advance her career by lying about him.