The Speeches

Last night saw three major speeches at the Republican National Convention.

George W. Bush was at his best . . . which may not be saying a lot given that the President is not a natural orator and that he was giving a taped broadcast to the Convention. Nevertheless, the speech went off well. The delegates were clearly glad to hear from him and the President was laudatory in his praise of John McCain. Especially welcome were his comments concerning McCain’s support for the troop surge and for the implementation of the counterinsurgency plan.

Fred Thompson gave a powerful case, campaigning much more vigorously for McCain than he might ever have done for himself. Someone needed to give him a glass of water to gulp down so that he would not constantly have to clear his throat during the course of giving his speech. Nonetheless, it was a passionate and impressive performance. It went over well.

Joe Lieberman is an earnest fellow and sometimes, that earnestness holds him back rhetorically. He smiles awkwardly during speeches and his joke that he is not Michael Moore’s favorite Democrat did not have to have its punch line repeated for people to get the humor. Nevertheless, if Democrats want to improve their standing with what remains of their Scoop Jackson contingent, they would do well to ask themselves why it is that Lieberman went from being the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee 8 years ago to supporting the Republican Presidential nominee. I know that the favorite word for Democratic partisans is “traitor” but there may, just may be more to it than that.

In the meantime, anything that makes Harry Reid mad can’t be all that awful.