Like the RedState Directors, I join in endorsing Eric Cantor for the Vice Presidential nomination of the Republican Party. Cantor has experience in Congress that Barack Obama just cannot match. He has tremendous policy smarts and the ability to communicate those smarts to the public at large; he is a policy wonk with a gift for relating to people and explaining to them how policy will affect their lives. Since there are those who continue to wonder whether John McCain will show the appropriate degree of respect for conservative views, Cantor’s selection would show that McCain genuinely does respect conservative viewpoints and values and that he would want them represented in his Administration and throughout the Republican Party.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that Cantor’s Judaism does not attract me as well, given that I too am Jewish. Call me selfish, but few things would overjoy me in this election cycle as much as seeing the Republican Party reach out to members of my faith and letting us know that our values, our voice and our leadership is cherished and respected. To the extent that Vice Presidential picks and campaign surrogates matter in electoral outreach, having a Jewish Vice President–and having the support of the first major party Jewish Vice Presidential candidate in Joe Lieberman–would be an excellent way to show American Jews that they are welcomed in the Republican Party and thus wean them away from the Democrats. The fact that Eric Cantor is a highly intelligent, dedicated, disciplined, devoted and charismatic patriot makes him the best choice for the Vice Presidency.

There are a lot of good candidates out there for John McCain. But he needs to pick someone who is very smart, brings skills to the table that complement McCain’s and can be an excellent President if called upon to serve.

Eric Cantor is that person. He would make a superb Vice President and he would be a pathbreaking choice–both for his background and most importantly, for his talents and diligence. Here’s hoping he gets the nod. He deserves it.