Michelle Obama's Speech

I know that a lot of people liked it. I thought that it was eloquent, but I also thought that it was written by committee and did not have enough of her voice. The biggest flaw with the speech is that it didn’t tell me anything about Barack Obama that I didn’t already know. Maybe that’s because I am a political junkie but the speech sounded and reads more like a political endorsement than a testimonial from a wife about the strengths of her husband.

When Bill Clinton got nominated in New York in 1992, his campaign put together “the Manhattan Project,” an effort to reintroduce Clinton and his family to the American people and to tell the American people things about the future First Family that they did not know going into the New York Convention. The effort worked brilliantly; by the end of the convention, people felt as if they had finally connected with Clinton and his family. He took the lead in the polls and never looked back.

I had thought that the same effort would be made on behalf of Barack Obama. Thus far, however, it has not been. And if his wife wasn’t going to tell us anything new, startling or somewhat game-changing about her husband, who will?

Again, Michelle Obama did a fine job delivering the speech. She is eloquent and poised. But it wasn’t her speech. As a result, the speech suffered.