"Action Is Eloquence"

In such business

Action is eloquence, and the eyes of th’ ignorant

More learned than the ears.

–William Shakespeare.

However rousing Hillary Clinton’s speech sought to be in praising Barack Obama, the fact remains that you can judge the Clintons better by looking at their actions rather than listening to their words.

Again, it bears repeating: Bill Clinton would not be throwing a fit if Hillary Clinton told him not to and told him that throwing a fit would hurt her politically by making her look less than loyal. The plan is simple: Hillary Clinton is the good cop. Bill Clinton is the bad one. She is complimentary. He isn’t. And while Bill Clinton may himself give a rousing speech to rally Democrats, that will be because Bill Clinton would not be caught dead giving a bad speech in a morgue. It will not be because he likes Barack Obama.

“Action is eloquence.” Ears are good things to have. But when it comes to judging the actions of the Clintons regarding their support–or lack thereof–of Barack Obama, use your eyes. They will serve you well.