Under The Bus

So much for Wesley Clark attending the Democratic National Convention; Barack Obama basically told him that he was uninvited. And I think that we all know why. John Edwards humiliated his wife, his children, his supporters and the Democratic Party in general thanks to a whole lot of personal shenanigans and is therefore not wanted in Denver when convention time rolls around. But in a strange way, Edwards has something resembling bragging rights on Clark. At least, the former Senator and Vice Presidential nominee can claim that he had to work to get himself off the guest list for the Democratic National Convention. Wesley Clark simply had to open his mouth in order to become a political leper as far as the Democrats are concerned.

Amusing. I have to wonder what those who like both Obama and Clark think about this state of affairs. I have to assume that there are explosions going on in the cranial regions of this particular group of people.

(Via InstaPundit.)