Let's Have Ourselves Some Popcorn

I have to say that I agree with this analysis. The Obama campaign most certainly had to make sure that it accommodated certain of the Clinton campaign’s requests to ensure that Hillary and Bill Clinton got respectful treatment at the Democratic National Convention. But Obama and his team may very well have given the store away and the Clinton team is now primed and poised to work to steal the show–in a sense, at least–once the festivities begin at Denver.

Of course, no analysis of this entire issue is complete without taking a look at what The Ultimate Prima Donna will do:

. . . If anyone was in any doubt what [Bill Clinton] hoped would be the outcome in 2008, during his train wreck of an interview with ABC News in Rwanda he declined to say even that Obama was ready to be president, quibbling that no one was really quite ready. This from the man whose wife ran on a slogan of “Ready on Day One”.

Of course, Clinton, with his monumental self-regard, will believe that he should be called upon to “help” Obama campaign in the fall even though at this stage he’s barely endorsed him.

Remember 2000? He upstaged Al Gore at the Los Angeles convention with a triumphant entrance and a speech that barely mentioned his vice-president. Less than two years after being impeached, Clinton and his allies spent much of the subsequent few weeks griping to reporters about how Gore wasn’t using him and was running away from his record.

This time around, Clinton is not so much nursing a grudge as carrying a whole hospital full of them. There’s a Mafioso quality to his world. After Bill Richardson endorsed Obama, despite the gainful employment he’d been given by the former president, Clinton consigliere James Carville branded him a Judas – a political kneecapping.

In the Rwanda interview, House Majority Whip James Clyburn got the same treatment from the Godfather himself. When it was suggested Clyburn was ” a friend”, Clinton shot back: “Used to be.” Doubtless Obama is on his mental hit list. In Pennsylvania, Clinton accused the Illinois senator of playing the race card against him, triggering a towering rage that has clearly not yet subsided.

The dynamic between Obama and Bill Clinton ought to be fun to watch. The former President clearly does not want to see Obama win the Presidency. As noted in the excerpt, Clinton’s praise for Obama has been lukewarm at best and between this distinct lack of enthusiasm and Hillary Clinton’s clear desire to have the chance to run for President again in 2012, Obama can expect nothing but trouble from the Clinton campaign. Oh sure, perhaps the Clinton speeches at the convention will be nice and fluffy–in a sense. But while Hillary Clinton has been an ostensibly good soldier for Obama, she has had no choice in the matter–she would have looked awful if she behaved in anything but a cooperative and helpful fashion. As for Bill Clinton, every time he has been given the chance to say something nice and complimentary about Barack Obama, he has backed away and set tongues wagging in the aftermath.

The animosity between Obama on one hand and the Clintons on the other could not be any more clear. And now, they are supposed to co-exist?

How amusing. Orville Redenbacher’s snack food was made for moments like these.