The Absence Of Tingliness

Either Chris Matthews feels like he has to compensate in the other direction, or he has come down from his previous high and has started wondering if there is any there there when it comes to Barack Obama. I don’t know how long this non-tingly sensation will last but it appears to be part of a media backlash against the Obama celebrity movement. Of course, people should have been asking questions about Obama’s qualifications much earlier in the process, but some of us have learned to take what we can get.

Incidentally, unlike some, just because I oppose a particular Presidential candidate, I don’t feel compelled to be mean to him. Barack Obama is a smart man and a talented campaigner. If he had waited a while to run for President, questions concerning his resume would not be as plentiful. But he didn’t and while Obama has clearly calculated that 2008 is the year to catch lightning in a bottle, he has left himself open to questions about his qualifications. C’est la vie. If he wins, it will have been worth the risk. If not, Obama will go down in history as the classic example of the candidate who ran when he wasn’t ready. And as we know from history, Democrats are not inclined to give failed nominees second chances at the brassiest of brass rings.