The Affair And Its Aftermath

I am not going to waste many pixels on John Edwards’s admission that he had an affair but I will state that I am not surprised. John Edwards’s failures as a husband and a father are issues that he has to resolve with his family but can there be any doubt whatsoever that he is one of the most disingenuous figures to have come down the pipeline in our national life? Pretending to speak for the voiceless while enjoying the privileges of the wealthy and the powerful–and the skirting of morality that so many of those privileges allow–John Edwards has made a career of preaching the very values and virtues he has regularly tossed aside throughout his public life. I trust that we will never again hear about the virtuous rise of the son of a millworker who supposedly symbolizes all of the goodness of small-town America. John Edwards makes a poor representative of those virtues.

I trust as well that the Nightline interview notwithstanding, John Edwards will stop badmouthing “tabloid publications.” I don’t care how lacking in credibility “tabloid publications” are. They called this one dead-on accurate and while I am not inclined to believe that Elvis is alive and is working at a Burger King in Kansas City, Missouri, I certainly am inclined that publications like the National Enquirer–trashy as they are–are infinitely more respectable than the likes of John Edwards, who let down his wife, his family, the people who worked on his campaigns and his supporters. When you don’t meet the standards of the National Enquirer in terms of honesty and trustworthiness, you are in a bad place–the same place that John Edwards is in now.

There shall be no Vice President John Edwards. There shall be no Attorney General John Edwards. There shall be no Supreme Court Justice John Edwards and there shall most certainly be no President John Edwards anytime in our future. Thank Heaven for small favors. But why did it take so long for us to be able to see John Edwards as he truly is? Surely, we could as a nation vet better.