Cornering The Market On Jingoism

I trust that after this, we won’t hear all that much more about how the evil Republicanses are working to make Barack Obama look un-American. Let history record that it was the Clinton campaign that sought to beat everyone to the punch on that issue. And it was a strategy they followed with a surprising degree of devotion as well; recall the picture of Barack Obama dressed up in Somali tribal wear that the Clintons released to the public by leaking it to the Drudge Report. Recall as well Hillary Clinton’s statement that Barack Obama was not and is not a Muslim “as far as I know.” The Clinton campaign went out on the warpath to make Obama look like The Other very early in the game.

These tactics are, of course, despicable. The only mildly amusing thing about them is that the Clinton campaign–and all of the Democrats associated with it–acted more like their conception and caricature of Karl Rove than the real Karl Rove ever did.