How Potent Is The "Drill Now" Message?

Potent enough that even as Nancy Pelosi opposes it, she is compelled to tell members of the House Democratic Caucus that they can feel free to dissent from her hard line. Now that this fissure is public, it would behoove the GOP to shine a big, gleaming spotlight on it and see what it can do about emphasizing and increasing the differences between House Democrats and their Speaker on this issue. In any event, we have yet more evidence that the Republican stance on drilling is winning over more and more public support and placing Congressional Democrats in an awkward position. Republicans don’t need any more encouragement to keep up the pressure on their Democratic colleagues, but even if they did, this little news item should provide it.

And the pressure continues. Despite the lack of lights and microphones, the House GOP is getting plenty of attention as it continues its protests. And yes, why not have Senator McCain join the protests? It will constitute a massive boost for a winning issue if he does.