Yet Another Policy Stance Gone Down The Tubes

Now that Barack Obama has said that he is open to offshore drilling, one wonders what will be the next policy issue on which he will flip-flop for the judges. Perhaps we will soon see a (belated) appreciation for the surge and for the implementation of the counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq. Perhaps we will see a realization that corporate taxes are too high and that they ought to be cut–or even eliminated. Perhaps we will start hearing about how government is not the solution to our problems, but that rather, government is the problem.

Of course, it bears pointing out that if you are going to be presented with a choice between a fake Republican and a real one in this Presidential election, you may as well opt for the real one. In his current iteration, the real Republican Presidential candidate, of course, serves as the senior Senator from Arizona.

Incidentally, I really hope that people don’t buy Obama’s claim that he is compromising on offshore drilling only as a part of trying to facilitate the passage of a broader energy package. We don’t know what the particulars of such a package will be and it is more than a little bit silly to claim that a reversal on offshore drilling is necessary to pass such a package given that the legislative bidding on this issue has not even begun. More likely, Obama looked at the overwhelming support offshore drilling has in the polls and decided “There go the people. I must follow them for I wish to be their leader.”

Assuming, of course, that he does not believe he currently is the leader.