The Audacity Of Hype--Campaign Polling Edition

The Los Angeles Times properly points out that despite all expectations, Barack Obama has done nothing to open up a lead against John McCain. Quite the contrary; he has allowed McCain to hang around and is giving him a chance to take the race in the end. This despite one week of adulatory coverage while Obama was overseas and despite a fair amount of turmoil in the McCain camp organizationally.

The Times wonders whether all of this is attributable to the tough and bitter primary fight Obama had with Hillary Clinton. It is likely that a fair amount of it is, but how about asking whether Obama’s big government philosophy is really what Americans are looking for in their next President? I know that we are supposed to be entering an age of renewed liberalism but you would think that in such a situation, we would see more than the occasional Obamacon/can deserting the Republican Party and deciding to vote for the presumptive Democratic nominee. The Republican coalition is not in the best of shape, to be sure, but it is not nearly in the disastrous shape that so many believed it to be. In trying times, it is hanging surprisingly tough.

Maybe that will change in time. If I had to bet, I would still say that Obama will win the election. But with every day that he fails to close the deal, he gives John McCain a chance to prove me wrong. And McCain appears more than willing to take the opportunity Obama seems determined to give him.